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The Norton Field Guide to Writing, with Readings


    How to Use This Book

    Part 1: Rhetorical Situations
    1: Purpose
    2: Audience
    3: Genre
    4: Stance
    5: Media / Design
    *6: Writing in Academic Contexts

    Part 2: Genres
    7: Writing a Literacy Narrative
        *♦Emily Vallowe, “Write or Wrong Identity”
        Marjorie Agosín, “Always Living in Spanish”
        ♦Shannon Nichols, “Proficiency”

        **♦Sofia Gomez, “Mother Goose in Monterrey”
    8: Analyzing Texts
        *♦Hannah Berry, “The Fashion Industry: Free to Be”
        William Safire, “A Spirit Reborn”
        *Emily Nussbaum, “In Defense of Liz Lemon”
        **Sam Anderson, “Just One More Game . . . Angry Birds, Farmville, and Other Hyperaddictive Stupid Games”
        ♦Stephanie Huff, “Metaphor and Society in Shelley’s ‘Sonnet’”
    9: Reporting Information
        *♦Michaela Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?”
        *Nicholas Carr, “Rural > City > Cyberspace: The Biggest Migration in Human History”
        James Fallows, “Throwing Like a Girl”
        **Matthew O’Brien, “The Strange Economics of Engagement Rings”
    10: Arguing a Position
        ♦Joanna MacKay, “Organ Sales”
        *Heather Douglas, “The Dark Side of Science”
    Lawrence Lessig, “Some Like It Hot”
        **Andrew Leonard, “Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization”
    11: Abstracts
    12: Annotated Bibliographies
        Michael Benton, Mark Dolan, Rebecca Zisch, “Teen Film$”
        ♦Jessica Ann Olson, “Global Warming”
    13: Evaluations
        ♦Ali Heinekamp, “Juno: Not Just Another Teen Movie”
    14: Lab Reports
        ♦Sarah Thomas, “The Effect of Biofeedback Training”
    15: Memoirs
        Rick Bragg, “All Over But the Shoutin’”
    16: Profiles
        *♦Christian Danielsen, “Paperclip Man”
    17: Proposals
        Michael Granof, “Course Requirement: Extortion”
    18: Reflections
        Jonathan Safran Foer, “My Life as a Dog”
    19: Résumés and Job Letters
    20: Mixing Genres
        Anna Quindlen, “Write for Your Life”
    *21: Choosing Genres

    Part 3: Processes
    22: Writing as Inquiry
    23: Collaborating
    24: Generating Ideas and Text
    25: Drafting
    26: Assessing Your Own Writing
    27: Getting Response and Revising
    28: Editing and Proofreading
    29: Compiling a Portfolio

    Part 4: Strategies
    30: Beginning and Ending
    31: Guiding Your Reader
    32: Analyzing Causes and Effects
    33: Arguing
    34: Classifying and Dividing
    35: Comparing and Contrasting
    36: Defining
    37: Describing
    38: Dialogue
    39: Explaining Processes
    40: Narrating
    41: Reading Strategies
    42: Taking Essay Exams

    Part 5: Doing Research
    43: Developing a Research Plan
    44: Finding Sources
    45: Evaluating Sources
    46: Synthesizing Ideas
    47: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
    48: Acknowledging Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism
    49: Documentation
    50: MLA Style
    51: APA Style

    Part 6: Media / Design
    *52: Choosing Media
    *53: Designing Texts
    *54: Using Visuals, Incorporating Sound
    *55: Writing Online
    *56: Giving Presentations

    57: Literacy Narratives
        *Daniel Felsenfeld, “Rebel Music”
        Tanya Barrientos, “Se Habla Español”
        Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue”
        Malcolm X, “Literacy Behind Bars”
        **♦Amber Wiltse, “How Do You Get from This . . . to This?”
    58: Textual Analyses
        *Torie Bosch, “First, Eat All the Lawyers”
        *Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”
        Diana George, “Changing the Face of Poverty”
        *Brian Stelter, “‘We Are the 99 Percent’ Joins the Cultural and Political Lexicon”
        **Roy Peter Clark, “’‘A More Perfect Union’: Why It Worked”
    59: Reports
        Eleanor J. Bader, “Homeless on Campus”
        *Linda Babcock and Sarah Laschever, “Women Don’t Ask”
        Jonathan Kozol, “Fremont High School”
        Alina Tugend, “Multitasking Can Make You Lose . . . Um . . . Focus”
        **Laura Sullivan, “Escape from Alcatraz: A 47-Year Manhunt”
    60: Arguments
        *Alex Weiss, “Should Video Gamers Be Prosecuted for Stealing Virtual Objects?”
        Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”
        *Joseph Stiglitz, “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%”
        ♦Grant Penrod, “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids”
        **David Sirota, “Kenneth Cole Gets Schooled”
    61: Evaluations
        *Jody Rosen, “Born This Way: Lady Gaga’s New Album”
        Michiko Kakutani, “The End of Life As She Knew It”
        *Dana Stevens, “The Help: A Feel-Good Movie That Feels Kind of Icky”
        *Consumer Reports, “Fast Food: Four Big Names Lose”
        **Roberta Smith, “An Online Art Collection Grows”
    62: Memoirs
        David Sedaris, “Us and Them”
        *Judith Ortiz Cofer, “The Myth of the Latin Woman”
        *Iliana Roman, “First Job”
        *Abigail Zuger, “En Route”
        **Suleika Jaouad, “Life, Interrupted: Finding My Cancer Style”
    63: Profiles
        *Natasha Singer, “On Campus, It’s One Big Commercial”
        *Nathaniel Rich, “Marlen Esparza: Going the Distance”
        Rob Baker, “Jimmy Santiago Baca: Poetry as Lifesaver”
        *Alex Williams, “Drawn to a Larger Scale”
        **Bill Pennington, “Defying the Odds: Victor Cruz”
    64: Proposals
        *Michael Chabon, “Kids’ Stuff”
        Dennis Baron, “Don’t Make English Official—Ban It Instead”
        Megan Hopkins, “Training the Next Teachers for America: A Proposal”
        Peter Singer, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty”
        **John Bohannon, “Dance vs. PowerPoint: A Modest Proposal”
    65: Reflections
        Dave Barry, “Guys vs. Men”
        Geeta Kothari, “If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?”
        *Alex Horton, “The Ides of March”
        Joan Didion, “Grief”
        **♦Armando Montano, “The Unexpected Lessons of Mexican Food”
    66: Texts That Mix Genres
        *David Ramsey, “I Will Forever Remain Faithful: How Lil Wayne Helped Me Survive My First Year Teaching”
        Alison Bechdel, “Fun Home”
        *Anu Partanen, “Finland’s School Success: What Americans Keep Ignoring”
        *Sojourner Truth, “Ain’t I a Woman?”
        **Michael Kimmelman, “A Ballpark Louder Than Its Fans”

    Glossary / Index
    MLA and APA Directories
    A Menu of Readings

    * New to the third edition
    ** Multimodal writing
    ♦ Student writing