Thomas Cooley (Author)

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The Norton Sampler

Short Essays for Composition


    * Essays new to this edition.

    Annie Dillard, from Holy the Firm
    How I Wrote the Moth Essay—and Why

    Chapter 1: Reading as a Writer
    Chapter 2: The Writing Process
    Chapter 3: Writing Paragraphs
    Chapter 4: Description
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Description: A Missing Cat Flyer
        *Grace Welte, Bracken County, Northern Kentucky [student essay]
        *Paul Crenshaw, Storm Country
        *Brian Doyle, Joyas Voladoras
        Cherokee Paul McDonald, A View from the Bridge
        Alice Steinbach, The Miss Dennis School of Writing
        Ann Hodgman, No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch
        E. B. White, Once More to the Lake

    Chapter 5: Narration
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Narration: A Book Cover
        *Carrie Barker, But Two Negatives Equal a Positive [student essay]
        Thomas Beller, The Ashen Guy: September 11, 2001
        Heidi Julavits, Turning Japanese
        Yiyun Li, Orange Crush
        Mary Mebane, The Back of the Bus
        *Lynda Barry, The Sanctuary of School
        *Barbara Kingsolver, In Case You Ever Want to Go Home Again

    Chapter 6: Example
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Example: A Lighted Billboard

        Monica Wunderlich, My Technologically Challened Life [student essay]
        The Onion, All Seven Deadly Sins Committed at Church Bake Sale
        Janet Wu, Homeward Bound
        Richard Lederer, English Is a Crazy Language
        *Alex Horton, Metal Memorials
        *Joanna Weiss, Happy Meals and Old Spice Guy
        *David Sedaris, Laugh, Kookaburra

    Chapter 7: Classification
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Classification: Drunk / Buzzed
        Eric Watts, The Color of Success [student essay]
        Amy Tan, Mother Tongue
        *Jack Hitt, The Dollar-Store Economy
        *Warren Buffet, Stop Coddling the Super-Rich
        David Brooks, Harmony and the Dream
        *Robert Lustig, Laura Schmidt, Claire Brindis, The Toxic Truth about Sugar

    Chapter 8: Process Analysis
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Process Analysis: How to Draw Cartoons
        *Jessica Walden, Chasing Loons [student essay]
        Jon Katz, How Boys Become Men
        Allegra Goodman, So You Want to Be a Writer? Here’s How.
        *Jeffrey Skinner, Practices of Moderately Successful Poets
        Phillip Weiss, How to Get Out of a Locked Trunk
        *Adam Penenberg and Marc Barry, The Pizza Plot

    Chapter 9: Comparison and Contrast
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Comparison: A Souvenir Coffee Mug
        *Dan Treadway, Football vs. Asian Studies [student essay]
        Jeff Jacoby, Watching Oprah from Behind the Veil
        Bruce Catton, Grant and Lee: A Study in Contrasts
        *Pico Iyer, Chapels:The Rewards of Being Quiet
        Gary Soto, Like Mexicans
        Deborah Tannen, Gender in the Classroom
        *Roger Cohen, The Meaning of Life

    Chapter 10: Definition
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Definition: Social Media Explained
        *Lawrence Collerd, City of Big Shoulders [student essay, annotated]
        Dave Barry, Guys vs. Men
        Tanya Barrientos, Se Habla Español
        Geeta Kothari, If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?
        *Erin McKean, Redefining Definition
        *Mike Rose, Blue-Collar Brilliance
        * Jack Horner, The Extraordinary Characteristics of Dyslexia

    Chapter 11: Cause and Effect
        A Brief Guide to Writing
        Everyday Cause and Effect: World Wildlife Poster
        *Elisa Gonzales, Family History [student essay]
        *Tim Wendel, King, Kennedy, and the Power of Words
        Marisa Nuñez, Climbing the Golden Arches
        Henry Louis Gates Jr., A Giant Step
        Myriam Marquez, Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public
        *Ann Hood, Long Beautiful Hair

    Chapter 12: Argument
        A Brief Guide to Writing

        Everyday Argument: T-Shirt on a Stick
        *Liz Addison, Two Years Are Better Than Four [student essay]
        Johnson Montgomery, The Island of Plenty
        Mark White and Robert Arp, Should Batman Kill the Joker?
        *Arianna Huffington, Empathy: What We Need Now

    Mind and Media: Is Google Making Us Stupid?
        *Steven Pinker, Mind over Mass Media
        *Nicholas Carr, Hal and Me
        *Andrea Lunsford, Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not So Fast

    Moneyball: Are College Sports Worth the Price?
        *Michael Rosenberg, Let Stars Get Paid
        *Joe Posnanski, College Athletes Should Not Be Paid
        *Laura Pappano, How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life

    Chapter 13: Classic Essays and Speeches
        Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence
        Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal
        Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address
        *Sojourner Truth, Ain’t I a Woman?
        Virginia Woolf, The Death of the Moth
        Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream

    Appendix: Using Sources in Your Writing
    Glossary / Index