Joel Watson (Author)

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An Introduction to Game Theory


    1) Introduction

    Part I: Representations and Basic Assumptions
    2) The Extensive Form
    3) Strategies and the Normal Form
    4) Beliefs, Mixed Strategies, and Expected Payoffs
    5) General Assumptions and Methodology

    Part II: Analyzing Behavior in Static Settings
    6) Dominance and Best Response
    7) Rationalizability and Iterated Dominance
    8) Location, Partnership, and Social Unrest
    9) Nash Equilibrium
    10) Oligopoly, Tariffs, Crime, and Voting
    11) Mixed-Strategy Nash Equilibrium
    12) Strictly Competitive Games and Security Strategies
    13) Contract, Law, and Enforcement in Static Settings

    Part III: Analyzing Behavior in Dynamic Settings
    14) Details of the Extensive Form
    15) Sequential Rationality and Solution Concepts
    16) Topics in Industrial Organization
    17) Parlor Games
    18) Bargaining Problems
    19) Analysis of Simple Bargaining Games
    20) Games with Joint Decisions; Negotiation Equilibrium
    21) Unverifiable Investment, Hold Up, Options, And Ownership
    22) Repeated Games and Reputation
    23) Collusion, Trade Agreements, and Goodwill

    Part IV: Information
    24) Random Events and Incomplete Information
    25) Risk and Incentives in Contracting
    26) Bayesian Nash Equilibrium and Rationalizability
    27) Lemons, Auctions, and Information Aggregation
    28) Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium
    29) Job-Market Signaling and Reputation

    A) Review of Mathematics
    B) The Mathematics of Rationalizability and Existence of Nash Equilibirum