ISBN 978-0-393-70613-0

Pat Ogden (Author)Janina Fisher (Author)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Interventions for Trauma and Attachment

Overview | Contents


    Section One: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: Essential Principles

    Chapter 2: Orientation for Therapists

    Chapter 3: Orientation for Clients

    Section Two: Basic Concepts and Skills

    Chapter 4: The Wisdom of the Body, Lost and Found

    Chapter 5: The Language of the Body: Procedural Learning

    Chapter 6: Pay Attention: The Orienting Response

    Chapter 7: Mindfulness of the Present Moment

    Chapter 8: Directed Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

    Chapter 9: The Triune Brain and Information Processing

    Chapter 10: Exploring Body Sensation

    Chapter 11: Neuroception and the Window of Tolerance

    Chapter 12: Three Phases of Therapy

    Section Three: Phase 1: Developing Resources

    Chapter 13: Appreciating Your Strengths: Survival and Creative Resources

    Chapter 14: Taking Inventory: Categories of Resources

    Chapter 15: Somatic Resources

    Chapter 16: Grounding Yourself

    Chapter 17: Core Alignment: Working with Posture

    Chapter 18: Using Your Breath

    Chapter 19: A Somatic Sense of Boundaries

    Chapter 20: Developing Missing Resources

    Section Four: Phase 2: Addressing Memory

    Chapter 21: Implicit Memory and Your Resource Repertoire

    Chapter 22: Reconstructing Memory: Finding Resources in a Painful Past

    Chapter 23: Dual Awareness of Past and Present

    Chapter 24: Sliver of Memory

    Chapter 25: Restoring Empowering Action

    Chapter 26: Recalibrating Your Nervous System: Sensorimotor Sequencing

    Chapter 27: Emotions and Animal Defenses

    Section Five: Phase 3: Moving Forward

    Chapter 28: The Legacy of Attachment

    Chapter 29: Beliefs and the Body

    Chapter 30: Making Sense of Emotions

    Chapter 31: Moving through the World: How We Walk

    Chapter 32: Boundary Styles in Relationships

    Chapter 33: Connecting with Others: Proximity-Seeking Actions

    Chapter 34: Play, Pleasure and Positive Emotions

    Chapter 35: Challenging Your Window of Tolerance