ISBN 978-0-393-70717-5

Amy Weintraub (Author)

Yoga Skills for Therapists

Effective Practices for Mood Management


    1. Why Yoga Now?

    2. Basic Yoga Principles & Preparations

    3. Clearing the Space: The Yoga of Breath (Pranayama)

    4. Cooling the Breath, Calming the Mind: Breathing Practices for Anxiety

    5. Mood-Elevating Breath Practices

    6. The Yoga of Sound (Mantra)

    7. Mudras for Managing Mood

    8. The Yoga of Imagery (Bhavana) & Affirmation (Sankalpa)

    9. Relax: Yoga Nidra & Irest

    10. Welcoming it All: Yogic Self-Inquiry

    11. On The Mat & More: Referrals, Resources, & Training