John Covach (Author)Andrew Flory (Author)

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What's That Sound?

An Introduction to Rock and Its History


    Introduction:  What to Listen for in Rock

    Chapter 1.  Roots–1955, The World before Rock and Roll

    Chapter 2.  1955–1960, The Birth and First Flourishing of Rock and Roll

    Chapter 3.  1959–1963, The Demise of Rock and Roll and the Promise of Soul

    Chapter 4.  1964–1966, The Beatles and the British Invasion

    Chapter 5.  1964–1966, American Responses

    Chapter 6.  1960–1970, Motown Pop and Southern Soul

    Chapter 7.  1965–1969, Psychedelia

    Chapter 8.  1970–1975, The Growing Rock Monster

    Chapter 9.  1970–1980, Black Pop, Reggae, and the Rise of Disco

    Chapter 10.  1975–1980, Mainstream Rock, Punk, and New Wave

    Chapter 11.  1980–1990, I Want My MTV

    Chapter 12.  1982–1992, Heavy Metal, Rap, and the Rise of Alternative Rock

    Chapter 13.  1990–2000, The More Things Change

    Chapter 14.  Conclusion: A Very Different Industry—The First Decade of the New Millennium