Shorter Eleventh Edition
      ISBN 978-0-393-12014-1

Kristine Forney (Author)Joseph Machlis (Author)

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The Enjoyment of Music

An Introduction to Perceptive Listening


    PART I Materials of Music

    Prelude 1: Listening to Music Today

    • Melody: Musical Line
    • Rhythm and Meter: Musical Time
    • Harmony: Musical Space
    • The Organization of Musical Sounds
    • Musical Texture
    • Music Form
    • Musical Expression: Tempo and Dynamics
    • Voices and Musical Instrument Families
    • Western Musical Instruments
    • Musical Ensembles
    • Style and Function of Music in Society

    PART 2 Medieval and Renaissance Music

    Prelude 2: The Culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

    • Sacred Music of the Middle Ages
    • Secular Music of the Middle Ages
    • Renaissance Sacred Music
    • Renaissance Secular Music

    PART 3 The Baroque Era

    Prelude 3: The Baroque Spirit

    • Baroque Opera and Its Components
    • The Baroque Cantata and Oratorio
    • Baroque Instruments and the Suite
    • The Baroque Concerto
    • Other Baroque Instrumental Music

    PART 4 Eighteenth-Century Classicism

    Prelude 4: Classicism in the Arts

    • The Development of Classical Forms
    • Classical Chamber Music
    • The Classical Symphony
    • The Classical Concerto
    • The Sonata in the Classical Era
    • Classical Choral Music and Opera

    PART 5 The Nineteenth Century

    Prelude 5: The Spirit of Romaticism

    • Song in the Romantic Era
    • Romantic Piano Music
    • Music in Nineteenth-Century America
    • Romantic Program Music
    • Absolute Music in the Nineteenth Century
    • National Schools of Romantic Opera
    • Late Romantic and Post-Romantic Music

    PART 6 Impressionism and the Early Twentieth Century

    Prelude 6: Modernism in the Arts

    • Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
    • Early Modern Musical Style
    • Music of the Early Modernists
    • European National Schools
    • American Modernism in Music
    • Nationalism in the Americas

    PART 7 Music Beyond the Concert Hall

    Prelude 7: The Rise of American Popular Styles

    • Ragtime, Blues, and Jazz
    • Musical Theater
    • Music for Films
    • The Many Voices of Rock

    PART 8 World War II and Beyond

    Prelude 8: New Directions in the Arts

    • The New Virtuosity of the Modern Age
    • Contemporary Composers Look to World Music
    • Technology and Music
    • Some Current Trends