ISBN 978-0-393-08192-3

Matthew White (Author)

The Great Big Book of Horrible Things

The Definitive Chronicle of History's 100 Worst Atrocities


    List of Maps
    Foreword by Steven Pinker

    Second Persian War
    Alexander the Great
    Age of Warring States
    First Punic War
    Qin Shi Huang Di
    Second Punic War
    Gladiatorial Games
    Roman Slave Wars
    War of the Allies
    Third Mithridatic War
    Gallic War
    Ancient Innumeracy

    Xin Dynasty
    Roman-Jewish Wars
    The Three Kingdoms of China
    Fall of the Western Roman Empire
    Goguryeo-Sui Wars
    Mideast Slave Trade
    A Lushan Rebellion
    Mayan Collaps
    The Crusades
    Religious Killing

    Fang La Rebellion
    Genghis Khan
    Albigensian Crusade
    Hulagu's Invasion
    Hundred Years War
    Fall of the Yuan Dynasty
    Bahmani-Vijayanagara War
    Chinese Conquest of Vietnam
    Aztec Human Sacrifice
    Atlantic Slave Trade
    Conquest of the Americas

    Burma-Siam Wars
    French Wars of Religion
    Russo-Tatar War
    The Time of Troubles
    Thirty Years War
    Collapse of the Ming Dynasty
    Cromwell's Invasion of Ireland
    Great Turkish War
    Peter the Great
    Great Northern War
    War of the Spanish Succession
    War of the Austrian Succession
    Sino-Dzungar War
    Seven Years War
    Napoleonic Wars
    World Conquerors

    Haitian Slave Revolt
    Mexican War of Independence
    French Conquest of Algeria
    Taiping Rebellion
    Crimean War
    Panthay Rebellion
    American Civil War
    Hui Rebellion
    War of the Triple Alliance
    Franco-Prussian War
    Famines in British India
    Russo-Turkish War
    Mahdi Revolt
    Congo Free State
    Cuban Revolution
    The Western Way of War

    Mexican Revolution
    First World War
    Russian Civil War
    Greco-Turkish War
    Chinese Civil War
    Joseph Stalin
    Crazed Tyrants

    Italo-Ethiopian War
    Spanish Civil war
    Second World War
    Expulsion of Germans from Eastern Europe
    French Indochina War
    Partition of India
    Mao Zedong
    Korean War
    North Korea
    The Black Chapter of Communism

    Algerian War of Independence
    War in the Sudan
    Vietnam War
    The Cold War

    Indonesian Purge
    Biafran War
    Bengali Genocide
    Idi Amin
    Mengistu Haile
    Postwar Vietnam
    Democratic Kampuchea
    Mozambican Civil War
    Angolan Civil War
    Ugandan Bush War
    Post-Colonial Africa

    Soviet-Afghan War
    Saddam Hussein
    Iran-Iraq War
    Sanctions against Iraq
    Somalian Chaos
    Rwandan Genocide
    Second Congo War
    Ranking: The One Hundred Deadliest Multicides

    What I Found: Analysis
    What I Found: Raw Numbers

    Appendix 1
    Disputing the Top One Hundred

    Appendix 2
    The Hemoclysm

    Selected Bibliography