ISBN 978-0-393-70660-4

Kevin T. Kalikow, MD (Author, New York Medical College)

Your Child in the Balance

Solving the Psychiatric Medicine Dilemma


    Introduction: The “Can Do Age of Psychiatry”

    1. The Challenge of Change

    2. The Elusive Criteria for Changing Your Body

    3. Bring on the Brain

    4. Psychiatry Welcomes the Brain

    5. A Duty to Treat

    6. The Challenge of Children

    7. The Evolving Diagnoses of Children

    8. The Burden of Proof

    9. The Benefits of Medicine

    10. Let’s Be Practical

    11. The Risks of Medicine

    12. Subtle Psychological Side Effects

    13. Concealed Consequences

    14. Medicine’s Competition

    15. Oh, To Be a Parent!

    16. The Pressures on the Prescriber

    17. Too Many Prescriptions?

    18. Rosie

    19. The Time Is Now


    Recommended Reading