ISBN 978-0-393-07643-1

Susan Gubar (Editor)

True Confessions

Feminist Professors Tell Stories Out of School


    Susan Gubar - Introduction

    I. Personal Views

    1. Nancy K. Miller - My Father’s Penis
    2. Jane Marcus - A Reasonable Facsimile
    3. Tania Modleski - Answering for the Consequences
    4. Dyan Elliott - The Historian, Her Mother, and Her Dead Women
    5. Shirley Geok-lin Lim - Fleeing and Pioneering Women: Matrophobia and My (Asian American) Feminist Praxis
    6. Patricia Yaeger - Labial Politics
    7. Jane Tompkins - The Piano Lesson
    8. Rayna Rapp - In My Family, We Spoke in Tongues
    9. Sandra M. Gilbert - Confessions of a Culinary Transvestite
    10. Leila Ahmed - Islam in the Family
    11. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak - Foremothers
    12. Hazel Carby - Lost (and Found?) in Translation
    13. Neferti Tadiar - Unreconciled Lives
    14. Ann DuCille - Feminism, Black and Blue

    II. Professional Vistas

    1. Martha C. Nussbaum - “Don’t Smile So Much”: Philsophy and Women in the 1970s
    2. Ann Douglas - Crashing the Top: Women at Elite Universities
    3. Lillian Faderman – Hiding
    4. Jane Gallop – Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment
    5. Annette Kolodny – I Dreamed Again That I Was Drowning, with a Postscript
    6. Frances Smith Foster - “Anyway, We Certainly Don’t Want to Be Lumped In with Black Studies!”
    7. Hortense Spillers – Quarrels into Ploughshares: Feminism and Race
    8. Tey Diana Rebolledo – Things I have Learned as a Chicana Professor, or, “En Bocas Cerradas no Entran Moscas”
    9. Nancy J. Chodorow – The Psychoanalyst, the Sociologist, and the Feminist: A Retrospect
    10. Rosemary Radford Ruether – Critical Connections in Religion: An Intellectual Autobiography
    11. Linda Nochlin – Not Too Far From Brooklyn: Growing Up, Growing Old with Art
    12. Susan McClary - The Making of a Feminist Musicologist
    13. Jill Dolan - “I Will Survive”: Changing Trends in Feminism and Performance

    Notes on Contributors