Kerry Ferris (Author)Jill Stein (Author)

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The Real World

An Introduction to Sociology


    Part I: Thinking Sociologically and Doing Sociology

    1. 1. Sociology and the Real World
    2. 2. Sociology’s Family Tree: Theories and Theorists
    3. 3. Studying Social Life: Sociological Research Methods

    Part II: Framing Social Life

    1. 4. Cultural Crossroads
    2. 5. The Self and Interaction
    3. 6. Separate and Together: Life in Groups
    4. 7. Deviance and Conformity

    Part III: Understanding Inequality

    1. 8. Social Class: The Structure of Inequality
    2. 9. Race and Ethnicity as Lived Experience
    3. 10. Constructing Gender and Sexuality

    Part IV: Examining Social Institutions as Sites of Everyday Life

    1. 11. The Macro-Micro Link in Social Institutions: Politics, Education, and Religion
    2. 12. The Economy, Work, and Working
    3. 13. Life at Home
    4. 14. Recreation and Leisure in Everyday Life

    Part V: Creating Social Change and Envisioning the Future

    1. 15. Country and City: The Natural World and the Social World
    2. 16. Social Change: Looking Toward Tomorrow