ISBN 978-0-393-70631-4

Kimberly Carraway (Author)

Transforming Your Teaching

Practical Classroom Strategies Informed by Cognitive Neuroscience

Overview | Contents



    Section I: Understanding the Learning Process

    Research from cognitive neuroscience enhances understanding of how students learn.

    Chapter 1. The Brain and the Learning Process

    Chapter 2. Factors that Affect the Learning Process

    Section II: Designing Instruction & Assessments

    Cognitive neuroscience informs the way classroom instruction and assessments are designed.

    Chapter 3. Designing Instruction that Increases Retention

    Chapter 4. Creating Informative Assessments

    Section III: Creating Practical Instructional Strategies for Skill Acquisition

    Cognitive neuroscience transforms instructional strategies and the way teaching occurs.

    Chapter 5. Strategies for Improving Attention

    Chapter 6. Organizational Methods

    Chapter 7. Techniques for Time Management

    Chapter 8. Reading-Comprehension Strategies

    Chapter 9. Note-Taking Techniques

    Chapter 10. The Study Process and Memory Strategies

    Chapter 11. Test-Taking Strategies

    Section IV: Applying New Knowledge to Your Teaching

    Reflecting on new learning and developing action plans aid in the transfer of newly acquired knowledge to teaching

    Chapter 12. Developing a Personal Action Plan