ISBN 978-0-393-92665-1

Charles Wheelan (Author)

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Introduction to Public Policy


    Section I:  What Is Public Policy?

    Chapter 1:  Public Decision Making

    Chapter 2:  Why Is It So Hard to Make the World a Better Place?


    Section II:  Why We Do What We Do

    Chapter 3:  Understanding Individual Behavior:  Rational Man and Woman

    Chapter 4:  Understanding Group Behavior:  Collective Action        

    Chapter 5:  Evaluating Social Welfare


    Section III:  Markets and Government

    Chapter 6:  The Political Process

    Chapter 7:  The Market System

    Chapter 8:  The Role of Government


    Section IV: Tools for Analysis

    Chapter 9:  Gathering and Measuring Information

    Chapter 10:  Basic Data Analysis

    Chapter 11:  Introduction to Regression Analysis

    Chapter 12:  Benefit-Cost Analysis

    Chapter 13:  Program Evaluation


    Section V:  Making Policy

    Chapter 14:  The Role of Institutions

    Chapter 15:  Policy Design