ISBN 978-0-393-93070-2

Hazel Rose Markus (Editor)Paula M. L. Moya (Editor)

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Doing Race

21 Essays for the 21st Century

Overview | Features | Contents


    1. Paula M. L. Moya and Hazel Rose Markus

    Doing Race: An Introduction

    1. Paula M. L. Moya and Hazel Rose Markus

    What race and ethnicity are, how they work, and why achieving a just society requires us to take account of them

    Part I: Inventing Race and Ethnicity

    How race is made real through governmental policies, scientific research, and medical marketing

    Defining Race and Ethnicity: The Constitution, the Court, and the Census

    1. C. Matthew Snipp, Sociology

    Models of American Ethnic Relations: Hierarchy, Assimilation, and Pluralism

    1. George Fredrickson, History

    The Biology of Ancestry: DNA, Genomic Variation, and Race

    1. Marcus W. Feldman, Biology

    Which Differences Make a Difference? Race, Health, and DNA

    1. Barbara Koenig, Medical Anthropology

    Part II: Racing Difference

    The historically specific but universal processes by which difference becomes understood, via race, as inferiority

    The Jew as the Original ‘Other’: Difference, Antisemitism, and Race

    1. Aron Rodrigue, History

    Knowing the ‘Other’: Arabs, Islam, and the West

    1. Joel Beinin, History

    Eternally Foreign: Asian Americans, History, and Race

    1. Gordon H. Chang, History

    A Thoroughly Modern Concept: Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide, and the State

    1. Norman M. Naimark, History

    Part III: Institutionalizing Difference

    How race organizes what we know, where we live, how we are educated, who we punish

    Race in the News: Stereotypes, Political Campaigns, and Market-Based Journalism

    1. Shanto Iyengar, Communication and Political Science

    Going Back to Compton: Real Estate, Racial Politics, and Black-Brown Relations

    1. Albert M. Camarillo, History

    Structured for Failure: Race, Resources, and Student Achievement

    1. Linda Darling-Hammond, Education

    Racialized Mass Incarceration: Poverty, Prejudice, and Punishment

    1. Lawrence D. Bobo and Victor Thompson, Sociology

    Part IV: Racing Identity

    How race and ethnicity shape how we see, how we act, and who we are

    Who Am I? Race, Ethnicity, and Identity

    1. Hazel Rose Markus, Psychology

    In the Air Between Us: Stereotypes, Identity, and Achievement

    1. Claude M. Steele, Psychology

    Ways of Being White: Privilege, Stigma, and Transcendence

    1. Monica McDermott, Sociology

    Enduring Racial Associations: African Americans, Crime, and Animal Imagery

    1. Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Psychology

    We’re Honoring You Dude: Myths, Mascots, and American Indians

    1. Stephanie Fryberg and Alisha Watts, Psychology

    Part V: Re-presenting Reality

    The singular and powerful role of the arts in challenging racial inequality by imagining alternate worlds

    Another Way to Be: Women of Color, Literature, and Myth

    1. Paula M. L. Moya, English

    Hiphop and Race: Blackness, Language, and Creativity

    1. Marcyliena Morgan and Dawn-Elissa Fischer, African and African American Studies and Africana Studies

    The ‘Ethno-Ambiguo Hostility Syndrome’: Mixed-Race, Identity, and Popular Culture

    1. Michele Elam, English

    ‘We wear the mask’: Performance, Social Dramas, and Race

    1. Harry Elam, Drama