W. Bruce Allen (Author)Keith Weigelt (Author)Neil A. Doherty (Author)Edwin Mansfield (Author)

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Managerial Economics

Theory, Applications, and Cases


    Part I: The Need for a Guide

    1 Introduction

    Part II: The Nature of Markets

    2 Demand Theory

    3 Consumer Behavior and Rational Choice

    Part III: Production and Cost

    4 Production Theory

    5 The Analysis of Costs

    Part IV: Market Structure

    6 Perfect Competition

    7 Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition

    Part V: Sophisticated Market Pricing

    8 The Managerial Use of Price Discrimination

    9 Bundling and Intra-firm Pricing

    10 Oligopoly

    Part VI: The Strategic World of Managers

    11 Game Theory

    12 Auctions

    Part VII: The Asymmetry of Managerial Life

    13 Risk Analysis

    14 Principle-Agent Issues and Managerial Compensation

    15 Adverse Selection

    16 Government-Business Relations and the Global Market

    Appendix: Optimization Techniques