ISBN 978-0-393-92479-4

Franz Kafka (Author)Stanley Corngold (Editor)

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Kafka's Selected Stories

Overview | Contents


    The Text of Kafka’s Selected Stories

    1. The Judgment – A Story
    2. The Stoker – A Fragment
    3. In the Penal Colony
    4. A Country Doctor – Little Stories
    5. The New Lawyer
    6. A Country Doctor
    7. Up in the Gallery
    8. A Page from an Old Document
    9. Before the Law
    10. Jackals and Arabs
    11. The Worry of the Father of the Family
    12. A Fratricide
    13. A Dream
    14. A Report to an Academy
    15. A Starving Artist. Four Stories
    16. First Distress
    17. A Starving-Artist
    18. Josefine, the Singer or the Mouse People
    19. Posthumously Published Stories
    20. The Bridge
    21. The Hunter Gracchus: Two Fragments
    22. Building the Great Wall of China
    23. The Knock at the Courtyard Gate
    24. A Cross
    25. An Everyday Event
    26. The Silence of the Sirens
    27. Prometheus
    28. Poseidon
    29. On the Question of the Laws
    30. Researches of a Dog
    31. A Comment
    32. On Parables
    33. The Burrow

    Backgrounds and Contexts

    1. Letters, Diaries, and Conversations


    1. Stanley Corngold – Preface
    2. In the Circle of “The Judgment”
    3. Danielle Allen – Sounding Silence [In the Penal Colony]
    4. Walter Hinderer – An Anecdote by Kafka: “A Fratricide”
    5. Walter Sokel – Identity and the Individual, or Past and Present: Franz Kafka’s “A Report to an Academy” in a Psychoanalytic and a Sociohistorical Context
    6. Nicola Gess – The Politics of Listening: The Power of Song in “Josefine, the Singer”
    7. Vivian Liska – Positions: on Franz Kafka’s “Poseidon”
    8. Benno Wagner – “No one indicates the direction”: The Question of Leadership in Kafka’s Later Stories
    9. John A. Hargraves – Kafka and Silence: An Alternate View of Music
    10. Gerhard Kurz – The Rustling of Stillness: Approaches to Kafka’s “The Burrow”

    Franz Kafka: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography