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Anton Chekhov (Author)Laurence Senelick (Editor)

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Anton Chekhov's Selected Plays

Overview | Contents


    A Note on the Translations

    A Guide to Transliteration and Pronunciation

    Phonetic Pronunciation of the Names in the Plays

    General Introduction

    The Texts of Anton Chekhov’s Selected Plays

    1. Preface to The Bear
    2. The Bear
    3. Variants to The Bear
    4. Preface to Ivanov
    5. Ivanov
    6. Variants to Ivanov
    7. Preface to The Wedding
    8. The Wedding The Wedding
    9. Variants to
    10. Preface to The Celebration
    11. The Celebration
    12. Variants to The Celebration
    13. Preface to The Seagull
    14. The Seagull
    15. Variants to The Seagull
    16. Preface to Uncle Vanya
    17. Uncle Vanya
    18. Variants
    19. Preface to Three Sisters
    20. Three Sisters
    21. Variants
    22. Preface to The Cherry Orchard
    23. The Cherry Orchard
    24. Variants

    Chekhov’s Letters



    1. George Calderon, An Introduction to Tchekhof
    2. Naum Berkovsky, Chekhov, Story Writer and Dramatist
    3. Boris Zingerman, Space in Chekhov’s Plays
    4. Jovan Hristi, Time in Chekhov: The Inexorable and the Ironic


    1. Z. Paperny, The Vaudevilles
    2. Vladmir Kataev, A Play about Nonunderstanding: Ivanov
    3. Patrice Pavis, The Originality of The Seagull and Its Context
    4. Lev Shestov, Creation from the Void: Ivanov
    5. Maria Deppermann, Uncle Vanya
    6. Jurij Striedter, Drama as a game of reflected Expectations: Chekhov’s Three Sisters
    7. Andrey Bely, The Cherry Orchard


    1. Konstantin Stanislavsky, Second Thoughts on The Seagull
    2. Vsevolod Meyerhold, The Naturalistic Theatre and the Theatre of Mood
    3. Otomar Kreja, Chekhov’s Plays
    4. Giorgio Strehler, Notes on The Cherry Orchard
    5. Jean-Louis Barrault, Why The Cherry Orchard?
    6. Peter Brook, The Cherry Orchard, an Immense Vitality
    7. Peter Stein, My Chekhov
    8. Anatoly Éfros, Everything to Do with Chekhov
    9. Mark Rozovsky, On Uncle Vanya

    Anton Chekhov: A Chronology

    Selected Bibliography