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The Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series

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  1. Book ImageEat Here: Reclaiming Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket

    Brian Halweil


    Eating locally is a growing movement that is good for your health—but even better for the planet.More

  2. Book ImageBeyond Malthus: Nineteen Dimensions of the Population Challenge

    Lester R. Brown, Gary T. Gardner, Brian Halweil


    On the bicentennial of Malthus's legendary essay on the tendency for population to grow more rapidly than the food supply, the question facing the world is not whether population growth will slow, but how.More

  3. Book ImageHow Much Is Enough?: The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth

    Alan Durning


    An account of the detrimental effects of consumption and consumer behaviour on the world's natural environment.More