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The Norton Introduction to Music History

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  1. Book ImageBaroque Music: Music in Western Europe, 1580–1750

    John Walter Hill


    John Walter Hill’s highly anticipated text presents a broad survey of the music of Western Europe from 1580 to 1750.More

  2. Book ImageAnthology of Renaissance Music

    Allan W. Atlas


    In this carefully selected anthology—the author of Renaissance Music presents full scores for all the music highlighted in the companion text—a total of 102 works of complete movements by some 75 composers.More

  3. Book ImageRenaissance Music: Music in Western Europe, 1400–1600

    Allan W. Atlas


    Renaissance Music, by Allan W. Atlas, is a formidable new addition to Norton’s Introduction to Music History series.More

  4. Book ImageAnthology of Romantic Music

    Leon Plantinga


    This anthology is designed to accompany Romantic Music, the second offering in the Norton Introduction to Music History series. It will serve as a score resource for all the works discussed in depth in that volume, and will also be valuable independently as a well-balanced collection for students of nineteenth-century music.More

  5. Book ImageMedieval Music

    Richard H. Hoppin


    The captivating "history" of the figure of Orpheus, his enduring legacy as the force and muse of creation itself.More