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  1. Book ImageOutside Fitness: A Comprehensive Training & Nutrition Guide for an Active Lifestyle

    Paul Scott, Chris Carmichael


    With this unique guide, overall fitness is truly an attainable goal—and is necessary to avoid injury and intensify enjoyment of any outdoor activity.More

  2. Book ImageOutside's Wilderness Lodge Vacations: More Than 100 Prime Destinations in North America Plus Central America and the Caribbean

    Kimberly Lisagor


    The editors of Outside magazine present outstanding wilderness lodges worthy of its millions of active, loyal readers.More

  3. Book ImageOutside 25: Classic Tales and New Voices from the Frontiers of America

    Hal Espen


    25th Anniversary Edition

    True stories of wild places and extreme endeavors from the magazine that invented adventure writing as we know it.More

  4. Book ImagePoints Unknown: The Greatest Adventure Writing of the Twentieth Century

    David Roberts


    "A great treasure-trove of daunting human courage, frailty, and persistence in the face of the unknown."—Library JournalMore

  5. Book ImageThe Polar Bear Waltz and Other Moments of Epic Silliness: Comic Classics from Outside Magazine's "Parting Shots"

    Outside Magazine, Hampton Sides


    The most hilarious, whimsical moments captured on film, from twenty-five years of living Outside.More

  6. Book ImageWhy Moths Hate Thomas Edison: And Other Urgent Inquiries into the Odd Nature of Nature

    Hampton Sides, Jason Schneider


    Join longtime Outside editor and contributor Hampton Sides as he rollicks through the fascinating, quirky questions readers ask about the world around them.More