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Norton Essays in American History

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  1. Book ImageOn Every Front: The Making and Unmaking of the Cold War

    Thomas G. Paterson


    Revised Edition

    How and why did the Cold War begin? How and why did it end? What will its end mean for international relations?More

  2. Book ImageA New England Town: The First Hundred Years

    Kenneth A. Lockridge


    Enlarged Edition

    In his highly original and controversial study. Professor Lockridge traces the origins of Dedham, Massachusetts, carefully examining its establishment as a utopia in 1636, the changes that occurred during the first four generations of its settlement, and the kind of community it had become by the mid-eighteenth century.More

  3. Book ImageDeliver Us from Evil: An Interpretation of American Prohibition

    Norman H. Clark


    This book traces the efforts of American society to legislate protective barriers against on of its most public devastations—drunkenness.More

  4. Book ImageThe Genet Mission

    Harry Ammon, Harold M. Hyman


    Few episodes in the history of American foreign relations are as fascinating as the mission of Edmund Genet, the first minister sent to the United States from the new French Republic. Genet arrived in 1793, anxious to win support for France against Britain and other “enemies of republicanism.” However, within months after his arrival, his confrontations with the Washington administration brought relations between the two countries almost to the point of rupture.More

  5. Book ImageDiplomacy for Victory: FDR and Unconditional Surrender

    Raymond G. O'Connor


    In January of 1943, at Casablanca, Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a statement to the press which became a guiding policy of Allied Diplomacy in the Second World War.More

  6. Book ImageThe Jacksonian Economy

    Peter Temin


    During the age of Jackson the nation experienced one of the worst depressions in its history.More

  7. Book ImageThe Great Bull Market: Wall Street in the 1920s

    Robert Sobel


    Wall Street and the stock market were major symbols of the 1920s, and the great crash was considered the end of that era. It is surprising, therefore, that little intensive study has been given to the bull market of the period.More

  8. Book ImageAndrew Jackson and the Bank War

    Robert V. Remini


    One of the most controversial issues during the presidency of Andrew Jackson centered around the future of the Second Bank of the United States.More