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  1. Book ImageReforming America, 1815-1860

    Joshua D. Rothman


    Reforming America, 1815-1860 offers insights into one of the most complex and dynamic periods in American history.More

  2. Book Image1989: End of the Twentieth Century

    James Carter, Cynthia Paces


    1989: End of the Twentieth Century offers a comparative look at one of the most eventful years in world history.More

  3. Book ImageThe Age of Jim Crow

    Jane Dailey


    America’s racial history has been marked by both hard-won progress and sudden reversals of fortune.More

  4. Book ImagePirates in the Age of Sail

    Robert J. Antony


    Pirates in the Age of Sail takes a global perspective to explore the world of pirates between the early sixteenth and middle nineteenth centuries.More

  5. Book ImageTwo Communities in the Civil War

    Edward L. Ayers, Andrew Torget


    This selection of documents offers an insightful look at one Northern and one Southern community only 200 miles apart in the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War.More

  6. Book ImageThe Global Revolutions of 1968

    Jeremi Suri


    The revolutions of 1968 represent the culmination of 1960's protest movements across the globe.More

  7. Book ImageIndian Removal

    David Stephen Heidler, Jeanne T. Heidler


    This casebook traces the evolution of U.S. Indian policy from its British Colonial origins to the implementation of removal after 1830.More