Book Series

New Institutionalism in American Politics

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  1. Book ImageAnalyzing Congress

    Charles Stewart III


    Second Edition

    The only undergraduate Congress text written from a rational-choice perspective.More

  2. Book ImageAnalyzing Elections

    Rebecca B. Morton


    Analyzing Elections provides students with the analytical tools for understanding the electoral process and uses those tools to explore an abundance of real-world examples.More

  3. Book ImageAnalyzing Interest Groups: Group Influence on People and Policies

    Scott H. Ainsworth


    Analyzing Interest Groups explores the various contexts in which interest groups operate (from each branch of government to electoral and grassroots politics) and offers a wide range of examples (from the experiences of early farm groups, to the modern experiences of groups like the NAACP, Greenpeace, and the NRA), providing knowledge necessary to analyze these groups.More

  4. Book ImageAnalyzing Policy: Choices, Conflicts, and Practices

    Michael C. Munger


    This readable and comprehensive introduction to the principles of public-policy analysis is the first book to integrate the tools students need to analyze policies with the common sense they need to understand how real policies are made.More