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Library of World Civilization

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  1. Book ImageThe World of Late Antiquity

    Peter Brown, Geoffrey Barraclough


    This remarkable study in social and cultural change explains how and why the Late Antique world, between c. 150 and c. 750 A.D., came to differ from "Classical civilization."More

  2. Book ImageRomanticism and Revolt: Europe, 1815-1848

    J.L. Talmon, Geoffrey Barraclough


    There are few periods in history which bring into relief so strikingly as the years between 1815 and 1848 the fact that each period is no more than a station in the historical process.More

  3. Book ImageEurope in the Age of Imperialism, 1880-1914

    Heinz Gollwitzer, Geoffrey Barraclough


    This study treats modern imperialism and its consequences as an integral part of the history of European society and culture.More

  4. Book ImageThe Medieval Papacy

    Geoffrey Barraclough


    The medieval papacy is treated as a historical phenomenon developing and changing in response to changing historical circumstances.More