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Classical America Series in Art and Architecture

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  1. Book ImageComparative Architectural Details: A Selection from Pencil Points 1932-1937

    Milton Wilfred Grenfell


    Architectural details indispensable to everyone in the drafting room today.More

  2. Book ImageEdwin Howland Blashfield: Master American Muralist

    Mina Rieur Weiner


    The first book in several decades to focus on the muralist, an esteemed exemplar and advocate of the classical tradition.More

  3. Book ImageBuilding Details

    Frank M. Snyder, Peter Pennoyer, Anne Walker


    Between 1906 and 1914, New York architect Frank M. Snyder published Building Details, a serial produced in twelve parts over eight years.More

  4. Book ImageTheory of Mouldings

    C. Howard Walker, Richard Sammons


    With the revival of interest in traditional design, practitioners, students, and historians have begun to study and use the vocabulary of forms that so enriched our architectural heritage.More

  5. Book ImageThe Architecture of the Classical Interior

    Steven W. Semes


    The principles of classical architecture applied to the design of interiors, both residential and public.More

  6. Book ImageThe Elements of Classical Architecture

    Georges Gromort, Henry Hope Reed


    A treasury of drawings in the great Beaux-Arts tradition.

  7. Book ImageMan as Hero: The Human Figure in Western Art

    Pierce Rice


    Pierce Rice surveys the role of the human figure in public art.More

  8. Book ImageThe Architecture of Humanism: A Study in the History of Taste

    Geoffrey Scott, Henry Hope Reed, Paul Barolsky


    A classic text in architectural and art historical theory.More