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  1. Book ImageC Programming: A Modern Approach

    K. N. King

    Second Edition

    The first edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach was popular with students and faculty alike because of its clarity and comprehensiveness as well as its trademark Q&A sections.More

  2. Book ImageSacred Geometry

    Robert Lawlor

    An introduction to the geometry which, as modern science now confirms, underlies the structure of the universe.More

  3. Book ImageRepast: Dining Out at the Dawn of the New American Century, 1900-1910

    Michael Lesy, Lisa Stoffer

    What we ate, how we ate, and how eating changed during America’s first real food revolution, 1900–1910.More

  4. Book ImageFlash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

    Michael Lewis

    Four years after his #1 bestseller The Big Short, Michael Lewis returns to Wall Street to report on a high-tech predator stalking the equity markets.More

  5. Book ImageBrando's Smile: His Life, Thought, and Work

    Susan L. Mizruchi

    Susan Mizruchi presents the Marlon Brando you’ve never met.More

  6. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of World Literature

    Martin Puchner, Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Wiebke Denecke, Et Al.

    Third Edition / Volume(s): Package 1: Vols. A, B, C / Beginnings to 1650

    A classic, reimagined.More

  7. Book ImageMicrobiology: An Evolving Science

    Joan L. Slonczewski, John W. Foster

    Second Edition

    The most successful new microbiology text in a generation.More

  8. Book ImageThe Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

    A forceful argument against America's vicious circle of growing inequality by the Nobel Prize–winning economist.More

  9. Book ImageWorlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the World: 1750 to the Present

    Robert Tignor, Jeremy Adelman, Peter Brown, Et Al.

    Fourth Edition / Volume(s): C / Chapters 15 - Epilogue

    A truly global approach to world history built around significant world history stories.More

  10. Book ImageExecutive Function & Child Development

    Marcie Yeager, Daniel Yeager

    A brain-based approach to helping kids stay focused and achieve.More

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