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  1. Book ImageArmy of None: Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War

    Paul Scharre

    A Pentagon defense expert and former U.S. Army Ranger explores what it would mean to give machines authority over the ultimate decision of life or death.More

  2. Book ImageCome West and See: Stories

    Maxim Loskutoff

    This searing debut reimagines the American West through linked stories describing a violent rural separatist movement.More

  3. Book ImageA Dog Runs Through It: Poems

    Linda Pastan

    A moving selection of poems for dog lovers, accompanied by charismatic line drawings, from a poet with an "unfailing mastery of her medium" (New York Times Book Review).More

  4. Book ImageHappy Brain: Where Happiness Comes From, and Why

    Dean Burnett

    Neuroscientist Dean Burnett dives into the squishy science and bubbly feelings of what happiness means.More

  5. Book ImageThe Honey Farm: A Novel

    Harriet Alida Lye

    Lily King meets Patricia Highsmith in this slyly seductive debut set on an eerily beautiful farm teeming with secrets.More

  6. Book ImageHorseman, Passby

    Larry McMurtry

    “Every line is poetry down and dirty in the mud, right where it belongs.” — Publishers WeeklyMore

  7. Book ImageHow to Be Safe: A Novel

    Tom McAllister

    “Explosive” –Entertainment Weekly

    “Scalding” –The New Yorker

    “One of the most highly acclaimed novels of the year thus far.” –Bustle


  8. Book ImageLament from Epirus: An Odyssey into Europe's Oldest Surviving Folk Music

    Christopher C. King

    In the tradition of Patrick Leigh Fermor and Geoff Dyer, a Grammy-winning producer discovers a powerful and ancient folk music tradition.More

  9. Book ImageThe Last Cowboys: A Pioneer Family in the New West

    John Branch

    A gripping portrait of one family’s gamble that rodeo and ranching are the future of the West—and not just its past.More

  10. Book ImageThe Overstory: A Novel

    Richard Powers

    New York Times Bestseller

    A monumental novel about trees and people by one of our most "prodigiously talented" (The New York Times Book Review) novelists.More

  11. Book ImageRAF: The Birth of the World's First Air Force

    Richard Overy

    A great historian’s masterful account of the origins of air power in the RAF.More

  12. Book ImageSex Money Murder: A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal

    Jonathan Green

    A searing portrait of the crack epidemic and violent drug wars that once ravaged the Bronx.More

  13. Book ImageStill Waters: The Secret World of Lakes

    Curt Stager

    A fascinating exploration of lakes around the world, from Walden Pond to the Dead Sea.More

  14. Book ImageTesla: Inventor of the Modern

    Richard Munson

    Tesla’s inventions transformed our world, and his visions have continued to inspire great minds for generations.More

  15. Book ImageTyrant: Shakespeare on Politics

    Stephen Greenblatt

    World-renowned Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt explores the playwright’s insight into bad (and often mad) rulers.More

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