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  1. Book ImageBlood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade

    Walter Kirn

    A USA Today Top 10 Best Book of Winter 2014

    An In Cold Blood for our time, a chilling, compulsive story of a writer unwittingly caught in the wake of a grifter-turned-murderer.More

  2. Book ImageDevotion and Defiance: My Journey in Love, Faith and Politics

    Humaira Awais Shahid, Kelly Horan

    An inspiring personal story by the most prominent Muslim woman activist and legislator for women’s rights in Pakistan.More

  3. Book ImageThe Splendid Things We Planned: A Family Portrait

    Blake Bailey

    The renowned biographer’s unforgettable portrait of a family in ruins—his own.More

  4. Book ImageThermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom

    Elaine Scarry

    From one of our leading social thinkers, a compelling case for the elimination of nuclear weapons.More

  5. Book ImageThe Kennan Diaries

    George F. Kennan, Frank Costigliola

    A landmark collection, spanning ninety years of U.S. history, of the never-before-published diaries of George F. Kennan, America’s most famous diplomat.More

  6. Book ImageThe Sound Book: The Science of the Sonic Wonders of the World

    Trevor Cox

    A tour of the world’s most amazing acoustic phenomena that reveals how sound works in everyday life.More

  7. Book ImagePlenty of Time When We Get Home: Love and Recovery in the Aftermath of War

    Kayla Williams

    When SPC Kayla Williams and SGT Brian McGough met at a mountain outpost in Iraq in 2003, only their verbal sparring could have betrayed a hint of attraction. Neither could have predicted the sequence of events that would shape their lives.More

  8. Book ImageReading Dante: From Here to Eternity

    Prue Shaw

    The best and most eloquent introduction to Dante for our time.More

  9. Book ImageLouis Armstrong, Master of Modernism

    Thomas Brothers

    The definitive account of Louis Armstrong—his life and legacy—during the most creative period of his career.More

  10. Book ImageThe UnAmericans: Stories

    Molly Antopol

    The UnAmericans, a stunning exploration of characters shaped by the forces of history, is the debut work of fiction by Molly Antopol, a 2013 National Book Foundation "5 Under 35" Honoree.More

  11. Book ImageGame-Changer: Game Theory and the Art of Transforming Strategic Situations

    David McAdams

    A radically new, and easily learned, way to outstrategize your rivals.More

  12. Book ImageMermaid: A Memoir of Resilience

    Eileen Cronin

    A gorgeously crafted memoir about resilience, family, and forging your own way, by a woman born without legs.More

  13. Book ImageOrfeo: A Novel

    Richard Powers

    A New York Times Bestseller

    The National Book Award–winning author of The Echo Maker delivers his most emotionally charged novel to date, inspired by the myth of Orpheus.More

  14. Book ImageOur America: A Hispanic History of the United States

    Felipe Fernández-Armesto

    An eminent scholar finds a new American history in the Hispanic past of our diverse nation.More

  15. Book ImageThe Metamorphosis: A New Translation by Susan Bernofsky

    Franz Kafka, Susan Bernofsky, David Cronenberg

    “This fine version, with David Cronenberg’s inspired introduction and the new translator’s beguiling afterword, is, I suspect, the most disturbing though the most comforting of all so far; others will follow, but don’t hesitate: this is the transforming text for you.”—Richard HowardMore

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