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  1. Book ImageGive Methods a Chance

    Kyle Green, Sarah Lageson, Douglas Hartmann, Et Al.

    A collection of short, accessible pieces designed to demystify the research process and show how methods are put into action.More

  2. Book ImageThe Real World

    Kerry Ferris, Jill Stein

    Sixth Edition

    The most relevant textbook for today’s students.More

  3. Book ImageAmerican Society: How It Really Works

    Erik Olin Wright, Joel Rogers

    Second Edition

    The definitive critical introduction to American society.More

  4. Book ImageYou May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking like a Sociologist

    Dalton Conley

    Sixth Edition

    The bestselling “untextbook” gets students thinking like sociologistsMore

  5. Book ImageThe Contexts Reader

    Syed Ali, Philip N. Cohen

    Third Edition

    An updated collection of the best articles from the award-winning magazineMore

  6. Book ImageRace in America

    Matthew Desmond, Mustafa Emirbayer

    A groundbreaking approach to thinking about race and racism today.More

  7. Book ImageIntroduction to Sociology

    Deborah Carr, Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, Et Al.

    Eleventh Edition

    Authoritative coverage, award-winning media, unbeatable price

  8. Book ImageSex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader

    Mindy Stombler, Dawn M. Baunach, Wendy Simonds, Et Al.

    Fifth Edition

    A sex-positive reader that presents sex as a social issueMore

  9. Book ImageThe Art and Science of Social Research

    Deborah Carr, Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Benjamin Cornwell, Et Al.

    Show your students how social research really unfoldsMore

  10. Book ImageFamilies as They Really Are

    Barbara J. Risman, Virginia Rutter

    Second Edition

    A fresh collection of original essays by leading scholars that explores how families operate in everyday life.More

  11. Book ImageMix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society

    David Grazian

    Second Edition

    A twenty-first century introduction to sociological thinking on pop culture, the media, and society.More

  12. Book ImageReadings for Sociology

    Garth Massey, Timothy O'Brien

    Ninth Edition

    The perfect mix of classic and contemporary readings.More

  13. Book ImageEssentials of Sociology

    Richard P. Appelbaum, Deborah Carr, Mitchell Duneier, Et Al.

    Seventh Edition

    Demonstrate the power of sociology for understanding today—and preparing for tomorrowMore

  14. Book ImageGender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions

    Lisa Wade, Myra Marx Ferree

    Second Edition

    The new gold standard for sociology of gender coursesMore

  15. Book ImageThe Family: Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change

    Philip N. Cohen

    Second Edition

    Learn the story behind the data about today’s familiesMore

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