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  1. Book ImageThe Canterbury Tales Handbook

    Elizabeth Scala

    First Edition

    The essential student companion for reading and understandingMore

  2. Book ImageThe Norton Chaucer

    David Lawton

    A vibrant edition brings Chaucer's complete works to lifeMore

  3. Book ImageThe Norton Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

    David Lawton

    Vibrant, innovative, accessibleMore

  4. Book ImageThe Norton Introduction to Literature

    Kelly J. Mays

    Shorter Thirteenth Edition

    Develop close readers and confident writersMore

  5. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of World Literature

    Martin Puchner

    Shorter Fourth Edition

    An incomparable resource, an unmatched valueMore

  6. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Major Authors

    Stephen Greenblatt

    Tenth Edition

    Exceptional selections. Abundant teaching resources. Unparalleled value.More

  7. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of Poetry

    Margaret Ferguson, Tim Kendall, Mary Jo Salter

    Sixth Edition

    A responsive and media-rich revision of the best-selling anthology of poetry in EnglishMore

  8. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism

    Vincent B. Leitch, William E. Cain, Laurie A. Finke, Et Al.

    Third Edition

    More comprehensive and up-to-date than ever beforeMore

  9. Book ImageThe Seagull Book of Literature

    Joseph Kelly

    Fourth Edition

    Inspire and engage at an affordable priceMore

  10. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of Drama

    J. Ellen Gainor, Stanton B. Garner, Jr., Martin Puchner

    Shorter Third Edition

    Comprehensive and up-to-date, now with more instructor resources.More

  11. Book ImageThe Norton Anthology of American Literature

    Robert S. Levine

    Shorter Ninth Edition

    A responsive, refreshed, and media-rich revision of the market-leading anthologyMore

  12. Book ImageThe Norton Shakespeare

    Stephen Greenblatt, Walter Cohen, Jean E. Howard, Et Al.

    Digital Edition

    The enhanced digital edition of The Norton Shakespeare, Third Edition —the first edited specifically for undergraduates—provides a freshly edited text, acclaimed apparatus, and an unmatched value.More