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  1. Book ImageElegy Landscapes

    A sweeping look at the lives and work of two important English Romantic painters, from a Los Angeles Times Book Prize–winning author.More

  2. Book ImageAgainst Sunset

    A powerful new volume from the National Book Award finalist that demonstrates how the lyric is essentially elegiac.More

  3. Book ImageThe Immortal Evening

    A window onto the lives of the Romantic poets through the re-creation of one legendary night in 1817.More

  4. Book ImageOrphan Hours

    “Combines stateliness, formal beauty and emotional urgency in rich and musical tapestries of language. . . . Every poem . . . is masterful.”—Washington PostMore

  5. Book ImageOrphan Hours

    A luminous new volume from a National Book Award finalist and recipient of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.More

  6. Book ImagePosthumous Keats

    A Los Angeles Times Favorite Book and a Washington Post Best of 2008: “A book worthy of Keats—full of feeling and drama and those fleeting moments we call genius.”—Ted Genoways, Washington Post Book WorldMore

  7. Book ImageOld Heart

    Stanley Plumly's masterful eighth collection--wherein he confronts and celebrates mortality--was a finalist for the National Book Award in Poetry.More