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  1. Book ImageNew Micro

    An addictive new collection of very short stories curated by Flash Fiction editor James Thomas and microfiction writer Robert Scotellaro.More

  2. Book ImageFlash Fiction International

    A dazzling new anthology of the very best very short fiction from around the world.More

  3. Book ImageSudden Fiction Latino

    For readers who love great short-short stories, this bountiful anthology is the best of Latin American and U.S. Latino writers.More

  4. Book ImageNew Sudden Fiction

    An all-new volume—students and lovers of literature take note: this is serious writing that's fun to read.More

  5. Book ImageFlash Fiction Forward

    The eagerly anticipated anthology from the editors who coined the term “flash,” with stories by today’s best fiction writers.


  6. Book ImageSudden Fiction (Continued)

    Succinct, superior, surprising—it all adds up to Sudden Fiction (Continued), a stellar collection of sixty short-shorts from the editors of Sudden Fiction and Sudden Fiction International.More

  7. Book ImageFlash Fiction

    "These stories are not merely flashes in the pan; there's pay dirt here!" —DeWitt Henry, editor of PloughsharesMore

  8. Book ImageThe Best of the West 4

    “We’re seeing a reinvention of our regional storytelling. It is our great good fortune. James and Denise Thomas are to be praised and praised.” —William KittredgeMore

  9. Book ImageSudden Fiction International

    Sudden Fiction International is even better than its predecessor. It's a fine teaching tool, a good gift, it's Around-the-World-in-Sixty-Stories, with many surprises, new friends, old friends, almost every stop a brief wonder in itself.” —Alan Cheuse