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  1. Book ImageFailed Crusade

    What really happened in Russia after the end of the Soviet Union, and how badly experts and the media misjudged it.More

  2. Book ImageSovieticus

    “A unique and valuable contribution. . . .Cohen brings to his analyses a keen critical perception, vast knowledge and—most noteworthy—a lucid style that makes his informed comments accessible to the non-specialist reader.” —Newspaper Guild, 1985 Page One AwardMore

  3. Book ImageThis I Cannot Forget

    A sensation when published in Moscow and a bestseller in Europe, the memoirs of this remarkable woman—the widow of the charismatic Bolshevik leader Nikolai I. Bukharin—offer a new dimension to our understanding of Soviet history.More

  4. Book ImageVoices of Glasnost

    "As intimate a portrait of Soviet politics, culture, and economics as we are likely to see."—Kirkus ReviewsMore