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  1. Book ImageThe Pacific Crest Trail

    This book begins where basic trail guides and maps leave off. For each section of the trail, the authors describe the route in detail and recommend the best day hikes and short backpacks from each trailhead. They describe the plants and animals hikers will see, tell stories about local history, explain plate tectonics, and in a thousand other ways enrich your experience of the journey.More

  2. Book ImageA Trailside Guide: Hiking & Backpacking

    Smart, instructive, and beautifully designed, every book in the Trailside Guide series contains the essential information readers need to master outdoor activities and have fun in the process.More

  3. Book ImageA Trailside Guide: Scuba Diving

    The only YMCA/Scuba-sanctioned guide to the wonders of the underwater world.More

  4. Book ImageWhere the Waters Divide

    A tale of adventure, this is also a story of the American West and the ways in which it has been "used, crossed, inhabited, cursed, logged, grazed, and climbed." The authors write with insight about the history, environment, and politics of the region as they pass through grazing lands and reservations, mines and ghost towns, and miles and miles of wilderness.More