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  1. Book ImageThe History of White People

    A New York Times bestseller: “This terrific new book . . . [explores] the ‘notion of whiteness,’ an idea as dangerous as it is seductive.”—Boston GlobeMore

  2. Book ImageThe History of White People

    A mind-expanding and myth-destroying exploration of notions of white race—not merely a skin color but also a signal of power, prestige, and beauty to be withheld and granted selectivelyMore

  3. Book ImageStanding at Armageddon

    "A consistently engrossing, occasionally irreverent, always smoothly written history of America's painful entry into the modern age."—Kirkus ReviewsMore

  4. Book ImageSojourner Truth

    A monumental biography of one of the most important black women of the nineteenth century.More

  5. Book ImageThe Narrative of Hosea Hudson

    “Among the many exemplary qualities of this narrative and its hero is their lack of sentimentality. For Hosea Hudson, there is no romance of American Communism; instead, his relationship with the Communist Party is a model of mutual exploitation. . . . [A] marvelous book. Moving, fearful, and funny, Hudson and Painter’s Narrative is as valuable an American life as has ever been wrested from anonymity.” —Benita Eisler, The NationMore

  6. Book ImageWe Were Always Free

    "A deeply personal account of an extraordinary American family."--NewsweekMore

  7. Book ImageExodusters

    The first major migration to the North of ex-slaves.More