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  1. Book ImageLuxury

    “Compelling. . . . [Schultz’s] works are replete with insights and nuggets of wisdom.”— Washington PostMore

  2. Book ImageLuxury

    "Philip Schultz’s poems have long since earned their own place in American poetry. His stylistic trademarks are his great emotional directness and his intelligent haranguing—of god, the reader, and himself. He is one of the least affected of American poets, and one of the fiercest." —Tony HoaglandMore

  3. Book ImageThe Wherewithal

    “Gripping, eloquent, moving, this is a powerful tale about what remains hidden and/or unspeakable in history.” —Elie WieselMore

  4. Book ImageMy Dyslexia

    “A success story . . . proof that one can rise above the disease and defy its so-called limitations on the brain.”—Daily BeastMore

  5. Book ImageMy Dyslexia

    An inspiring memoir of a Pulitzer Prize winner’s triumph over disability.More