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Linda Pastan reading three poems at the 2006 Dodge Poetry Festival

"Notes from the Delivery Room", "A Short History of Judaic Thought in the 20th Century" and "Somethi ...

Linda Pastan

Linda Pastan's many awards include the Maurice English Award, the Towson University Prize for Literature, and the 2003 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize. The author of fourteen books of poetry— including, most recently, Insomnia— she lives in Potomac, Maryland.


Books by Linda Pastan

  1. Book CoverAspects of Eve: Poems

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  2. Book CoverCarnival Evening: New and Selected Poems 1968-1998

    "Linda Pastan is one of America's truly fine poets working at the height of her powers." — Michael Collier, Baltimore SunMore

  3. Book CoverA Dog Runs Through It: Poems

    A moving selection of poems for dog lovers, accompanied by charismatic line drawings, from beloved National Book Award finalist Linda Pastan.More

  4. Book CoverAn Early Afterlife: Poems

    "She is always exhilarating for a reader and very educational for a writer. She just happens to be one of the creators among current poets, alive and surprising, and deft." —William StratfordMore

  5. Book CoverThe Five Stages of Grief: Poems

    “Out of the screams and shouts of women demanding liberation rises the clear, true voice of Linda Pastan, who, seemingly, through love and intelligence and a sure sense of her craft, has been liberated all along.” —Mona Van DuynMore

  6. Book CoverA Fraction of Darkness

    As the San Francisco Review of Books has written: “In Pastan’s world, a poem is not just anything; it is more than some ‘inspired’ words strung together casually. She earns each poem, line by line, insight by insight, felt emotion by felt emotion. She reminds us of the origin of the word poet: ‘maker’ . . . . Pastan can be read by anyone—and enjoyed. And she deserves to be. More important, people who read books on the latest political, economic, sociological, and psychological concerns should put Pastan on their list. So should people who read novels. In her work there is a return to the role of the poet as it served the human race for centuries: to fuel our thinking, show us our world in new ways, and to get us to feel more intensely.”More

  7. Book CoverHeroes In Disguise: Poems

    “A keen awareness of our place in the cyclic nature of life is the theme that dominates this remarkably clear-sighted and gracefully written collection. . . . Highly recommended.” —Library Journal, on Heroes in DisguiseMore

  8. Book CoverThe Imperfect Paradise

    "This is a remarkable book, and it places Pastan among the most satisfying of contemporary American poets." —Josephine Jacobsen on The Five Stages of Grief in the Washington Post Book WorldMore

  9. Book CoverInsomnia: Poems

    Incandescent poems about living and aging—about being awake in this young century—by one of our most moving and eloquent poets.More

  10. Book CoverThe Last Uncle: Poems

    "Autumnal and subdued...movingly chronicles loss, fear, the passing of time."—Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book WorldMore

  11. Book CoverPM/AM: New and Selected Poems

    “In her work there is a return to the role of the poet as it served the human race for centuries: to fuel our thinking, show us our world in new ways, and to get us to feel more intensely.” The rightness of this summary of Linda Pastan’s poetic career—in the San Francisco Review of Books—will be immediately clear to readers of her new volume, PM/AM.More

  12. Book CoverQueen of a Rainy Country: Poems

    A new collection from a poet long recognized for her "unfailing mastery of her medium" (New York Times).More

  13. Book CoverTraveling Light: Poems

    “Dark rhyming lyrics about love and impending loss. The poems may shake you, so be forewarned.”—Alan Cheuse, NPRMore

  14. Book CoverWaiting for My Life: Poems

    Linda Pastan has continued to share this sense of revelation ever more broadly and deeply, from book to book, with her readers—for, as May Sarton has said, “It is above all her integrity that has made Linda Pastan such a rewarding poet.”More