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  1. Frederick Downs, Jr.

    Frederick Downs Jr. received four Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star with Valor, and the Silver Star for his service in the Vietnam War. He lives in Fort Washington, Maryland.

  2. Linda Bank Downs

    Linda Bank Downs is executive director of the College Art Association. She formerly served as curator of education at the Detroit Institute of Arts and head of education at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

  3. Philip G. Downs

  4. Stephanie Dowrick

    Stephanie Dowrick is the author of Intimacy and Solitude, The Intimacy and Solitude Workbook, and Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, all available in paperback from Norton. Co-founder and chair of the Women’s Press, Dowrick is a...More

  5. C. A. Doxiadis

  6. Alicia Doyle

  7. Arthur Conan Doyle

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) is most noted for his Sherlock Holmes detective stories. He was a prolific writer whose other works include a wide range of science fiction stories, historical novels, romances, poetry, and nonfiction.

  8. Kathleen Doyle

    Dr. Kathleen Doyle is the lead curator of illuminated manuscripts at the British Library.

  9. Martin Doyle

    Martin Doyle is director of the Water Policy Program at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and a professor of river science and policy at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. He lives in North Carolina.

  10. Michael W. Doyle

  11. Margaret Drabble

  12. Robert E. Drake

    Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., is the Andrew Thomson Professor of Psychiatry and Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School and the Director of the New Hampshire-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center. He has focused on developing and...More

  13. William Drake

    William Drake was a professor emeritus of English at State University of New York, Oswego. He now lives in San Francisco.

  14. Slavenka Drakulic

  15. Alan Draper

    Alan Draper is a professor of government at St. Lawrence University. He is the author of Conflict of Interests: Organized Labor and the Civil Rights Movement, 1955–1967 and co-author of The Good Society: An Introduction to Comparative...More

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