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The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Handbook

Second Edition with 2009 MLA Updates (See all editions)


Richard Bullock (Author, Wright State University), Francine Weinberg (Author)


The most successful new rhetoric in a generation, now in a version with a handbook—everything students need to write and edit all the kinds of writing they’re expected to do.

Easy to use, flexible, and a great value. With just enough detail – and color-coded links that send students to more detail if they need it – this is the rhetoric that tells students what they need to know and resists the temptation to tell them everything there is to know. The first rhetoric designed for easy reference—with menus, directories, and a glossary/index that make it easy to use.

The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Handbook is 2 books in one—the rhetoric is up front, providing the guidance students need on writing and research; the handbook is in the back, helping them edit what they write.

Book Details

  • Ebook
  • September 2009
  • ISBN 978-0-393-11513-0
  • 728 pages
  • Sales Territory: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

Endorsements & Reviews

The Norton Field Guide is one of the best rhetorics I’ve seen at achieving essential coverage and brevity. It gives guidance to new instructors and flexibility to others. …The readings are great.” — Nedra Reynolds, University of Rhode Island

“The level of detail is perfect. …It leaves room for the instructor to move about to add material, to pitch the content in his or her particular way. Writers, even student writers, want advice, not directives. In years of reviewing, I have seen few books that offer something new and valuable and interesting. The Norton Field Guide is one. The innovation it offers is long overdue.” — Paul Heilker, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

“The amount of detail is perfect. Students will find this book easy to understand—and will appreciate not being overloaded with information.” — Mitzi Walker Jones, University of Arkansas, Fort Smith

“The beauty of the Field Guide is that it can conform to any style of teaching and appeal to any pedagogical approach.” — Tony Procell, El Paso Community College

“I would highly recommend the book to anyone new to the freshman composition classroom.” — DaRelle Rollins, Hampton University

“A simple, minimal, beautiful handbook, one that is easy to use and well-organized.” — Susanmarie Harrington, University of Vermont