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The Madwoman in the Volvo

My Year of Raging Hormones

Sandra Tsing Loh (Author)

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From an “imaginatively twisted and fearless” writer (Los Angeles Times), a hilarious memoir of middle age.

In a voice that is wry, disarming, and totally candid, Sandra Tsing Loh tells the moving and laugh-out-loud tale of her roller coaster through “the change.” This is not your grandmother’s menopause story. Loh chronicles utterly relatable, everyday perils: raising preteen daughters, weathering hormonal changes, and going through the ups and downs of a career and a relationship. She writes also about an affair and the explosion of her marriage, the pressures of keeping her daughters off Facebook while managing the legal and marital hijinks of her eighty-nine-year-old dad, and a despairing withdrawal to a tiny cabin where she combined wine and Ambien, paralyzing her arm into a claw. In one outrageous chapter, a hormonal Loh finds herself trekking to her preteen daughter’s school to confront a ten-year-old bully half her size. In another she attempts to subsist on only zero-calorie noodles and the occasional fat-free yogurt in a hopeless effort to vanquish added midlife weight.

In The Madwoman in the Volvo Loh speaks hilariously and honestly about her life as a mother, a daughter, and an artist. She recounts her journey through a tumultuous time of life, trying to maintain appearances during an epic hormonal—and that means physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—change. The upbeat conclusion: it does get better.

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  • Paperback
  • Forthcoming May 2015
  • ISBN 978-0-393-35109-5
  • 5.5 × 8.3 in / 288 pages
  • Sales Territory: Worldwide

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  1. Book CoverThe Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones


Endorsements & Reviews

“Wry, disarming, and totally candid. . . . This is not your grandmother’s menopause story.” — Southern California Public Radio

“Reads like a weekend away with the best friend you ever had—blazingly vulnerable, scorchingly smart, and funny as hell. It’s both an intimate portrait of one woman as she approaches menopause and a full-throated cultural howl about what it means to be female and forty or fifty or sixty something in America today. I was filled with recognition as I read the book’s first pages and flooded with gratitude by the end. . . . A beautiful book you’re going to miss after you’ve read the last page.” — Cheryl Strayed

“I laughed maniacally, nodded in empathy, hooted, teared up, and laughed some more. And while you could make the case that with a menopausal woman, that could have happened even had I spent the time gardening, in this case I am pretty certain it was the author’s doing.” — Mary Roach

“Loh is that rare writer who is howlingly funny on the surface and subtly brilliant just beneath. . . . . Goes down like cheap wine—fast and furiously—yet at the end, instead of a hangover, you have a bold and beautiful new view of life.” — Cathi Hanauer, author of Gone and editor of The Bitch in the House

“[A] brave and witty memoir.” — Judith Newman, New York Times Book Review

“Does what every memoir ought to do: it reminds the reader she’s not alone.” — Claire Dederer, Los Angeles Review of Books

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