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The Age of Jim Crow

Norton Documents Reader


Jane Dailey (Author, Univesity of Chicago)

Overview | Contents

America’s racial history has been marked by both hard-won progress and sudden reversals of fortune.

In The Age of Jim Crow, Jane Dailey introduces readers to a fascinating collection of documents on race and segregation in America that were created between the end of the Civil War and the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement a century later.  Organized around two themes, Dailey highlights the role of law in creating, maintaining, and — ultimately — helping to undo segregation.   She also traces the effects of interracial sex and marriage as they shaped the era of Jim Crow.  The Age of Jim Crow focuses throughout on sexuality and gender politics as they play out across the legal, social and economic, political, and cultural arenas.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • October 2008
  • ISBN 978-0-393-92758-0
  • 5.4 × 8.2 in / 434 pages
  • Sales Territory: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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