Joel Karty

Joel Karty earned his B.S. in chemistry at the University of Puget Sound and his Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry at Stanford University. He joined the faculty at Elon University in 2001, where he currently holds the rank of associate professor. He teaches primarily the organic chemistry sequence and also teaches general chemistry and physical chemistry. In the summers, Joel teaches at the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program through the Duke University medical center. His research interests include investigating the roles of resonance and inductive effects in fundamental chemical systems and studying the mechanism of pattern formation in Liesegang reactions. He has written a very successful student supplement, Get Ready for Organic Chemistry, Second Edition (formerly called The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry), published by Pearson.

Books by Joel Karty

  1. Book CoverOrganic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms

    Understanding over memorization.More

  2. Book CoverOrganic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms

    Cal Berkeley Edition

    Understanding over memorization.More

  3. Book CoverStudy Guide and Solutions Manual: for Organic Chemistry: Principles and Mechanisms

    Written by two dedicated teachers, this guide provides students with fully worked solutions to all unworked problems in the text. Every solution follows the Think/Solve format used in the textbook so the approach to problem-solving is modeled consistently. The "Think" step trains students to ask the right questions as they approach a problem, and the "Solve" step then walks them through the solution.More