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Everyone's An Author


Andrea Lunsford (Author, Stanford University), Lisa Ede (Author, Oregon State University), Beverly Moss (Author, The Ohio State University), Carole Clark Papper (Author, Hofstra University), Keith Walters (Author, Portland State University)


An inspiring new rhetoric that takes some of the best ideas animating the field of composition and makes them teachable.

Everyone’s an Author focuses on writing as it really is today—with words, images, and sounds, in print and online—and encourages students to see the connections between their everyday writing and academic writing. It covers the genres college students need to learn to write—and teaches them to do so across media. It bridges the gap between Facebook and academic writing, showing how the strategies students use instinctively in social media can inform their academic writing. And it provides a strong rhetorical framework that guides students in the decisions they need to make as authors today.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • October 2012
  • ISBN 978-0-393-93211-9
  • 6.6 × 8.3 in / 729 pages
  • Sales Territory: USA and Dependencies, Philippines and Canada.

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Endorsements & Reviews

Everyone’s an Author is about writing as it really is today—writing with words and images and sounds, writing for print and cyberspace, writing for all the venues where it’s happening right now. Right off the bat, that makes it different from the majority of rhetorics out there.” — Clyde Moneyhun, Boise State University

“I really like the way the authors frame social media as productive tools, rather than as barriers that get in the way of good student writing.” — Casie Fedukovich, North Carolina State University

“I like the way this book grapples with the public turn in writing without sacrificing coverage of the academic genres that we want students to know and to use…. It will appeal immensely to 21st century students, and I suspect it’s going to make me a better writing teacher as well.” — Alison Russell, Xavier University

Everyone’s an Author remains faithful to a rhetorically informed approach to writing instruction, and, as its title suggests, it understands that both rhetoric and writing are undergoing profound changes as a result of new technologies. Because it is sharply attuned to such changes, it offers writing teachers new ways to think about old concerns—audience and genre, argument and style, research and rhetoric.” — Frank Farmer, University of Kansas

“The level of guidance is spot on for students, and I’m especially impressed by the attention to writing across academic fields, across cultures and communities, across media, and across genres. This book encourages rhetorical savvy.” — Rolf Norgaard, University of Colorado

Everyone’s an Author is a fresh, original, and innovative writing textbook that sets a new standard in the field. Students and instructors alike will love its contemporary, multimodal approach.” — Gary A. Olson, Idaho State University

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