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  1. Book ImageA Guide to Musical Analysis

    Nicholas Cook

    In this extremely practical introduction to musical analysis, the author explores the factors that give unity and coherence to musical masterpieces, seeking the answers mainly in the formal and harmonic structure of individual compositions.More

  2. Book ImageHarmonic Practice in Tonal Music

    Robert Gauldin

    Second Edition

    Conceptually sophisticated and exceptionally musical, Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music provides a thorough treatment of harmony and voice-leading principles in tonal music.More

  3. Book ImageHarmony

    Walter Piston, Mark DeVoto

    Fifth Edition

    This fifth edition of Harmony marks the forty-fifth year of its successful use.More

  4. Book ImageA History of Western Music

    J. Peter Burkholder, Donald Jay Grout, Claude V. Palisca

    Ninth Edition

    The definitive history of Western music, now with Total Access.More

  5. Book ImageThe House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records

    Ashley Kahn

    "A jazz-lover's delight."—Ray Olson, BooklistMore

  6. Book ImageThe Interpretation of Early Music

    Robert Donington

    Revised Edition

    Since it was first published in 1963, Robert Donington's classic text has become the standard of reference for all would-be performers , students, and amateurs of baroque music.More

  7. Book ImageThe Interpretation of French Song

    Pierre Bernac

    "No voice teacher, no coach, no accompanist, no singer, and for that matter, no music-lover should be without this publication . . . from a man whose knowledge of this repertoire is so complete and profound as to make his treatment of it definitive and without equal." —NotesMore

  8. Book ImageAn Introduction to America's Music

    Richard Crawford, Larry Hamberlin

    Second Edition

    An ear-opening exploration of music’s New World, from Puritan psalmody to mash-ups.More

  9. Book ImageIntroduction to Contemporary Music

    Joseph Machlis

    Second Edition

    Biographical and historical data and clear technical explanations are featured in a guide to the appreciation of twentieth-century music that includes a full discussion of trends since 1961, a dictionary of composers, and a concentrated review of musical concepts.More

  10. Book ImageIntroduction to Post-Tonal Theory

    Joseph N. Straus

    Fourth Edition

    The classic survey of the field, retooled for a new generation of students.More

  11. Book ImageIntroduction to Schenkerian Analysis: Form and Content in Tonal Music

    Allen Forte, Steven Gilbert

    This book is intended to serve as a basic textbook on Schenkerian analysis, the analytical approach developed over a period of many years by the Austrian music theorist Heinrich Schenker (1868-1935).More

  12. Book ImageJazz

    Scott DeVeaux, Gary Giddins

    Second Edition

    All That Jazz—Total Access to the music and the players.More

  13. Book ImageJazz: A History

    Frank Tirro

    Second Edition

    Jazz is a democratic music in the best sense of the word, for it is the collective achievement of a people.More

  14. Book ImageJazz: Essential Listening

    Scott DeVeaux, Gary Giddins

    The #1 text in the market—now in an Essentials Edition.More

  15. Book ImageJohann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

    Christoph Wolff

    Finalist for the 2001 Pulitzer Prize in Biography, this landmark book was revised in 2013 to include new knowledge discovered after its initial publication.More

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