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  1. Book ImageRomantic Music: A History of Musical Style in Nineteenth-Century Europe

    Leon Plantinga

    In this volume of the Norton Introduction to Music History series, Leon Plantinga explores the origins of Romanticism, leading the reader through the maze of genres and genuses that proliferated during the turbulent nineteenth century.More

  2. Book ImageScales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter

    Claire Boge, John Clough, Joyce Conley

    Third Edition

    As in previous editions, the Third Edition of Scales, Intervals, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter introduces the basics of music theory and part writing accessibly and engagingly.More

  3. Book ImageThe Second String Quartet in F-Sharp Minor: Opus 10

    Arnold Schoenberg, Severine Neff

    Arnold Schoenberg’s Second String Quartet revolutionized western art music.More

  4. Book ImageSeven Verdi Librettos

    Giuseppe Verdi, William Weaver

    Verdi, like most great opera composers, attached supreme importance to the words he was setting to music.More

  5. Book ImageShowtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater

    Larry Stempel

    College Edition

    A definitive, accessible, and comprehensive history of the Broadway musical.More

  6. Book ImageSight Singing: Pitch, Interval, Rhythm

    Samuel Adler

    Second Edition

    Young musicians today are faced with a rapidly expanding and complex repertory of styles, tonal as well as pre- and post-tonal.More

  7. Book ImageThe Singing Book

    Meribeth Dayme, Cynthia Vaughn

    Third Edition

    A joyful introduction to the art of singing, written with the needs of beginning singers in mind.More

  8. Book ImageThe Sonata in the Classic Era

    William S. Newman

    Third Edition

    "The Sonata in the Classic Era is one of the great achievements of modern musicology. . . .I cannot recall any book in recent years that can equal it for its erudition, its strictly scientific method, and its amazing completeness. It will stand for many years to come as the unsurpassed text on its subject at all universities of the old and the new world." —Denes Bartha, University of PittsburghMore

  9. Book ImageSoundscapes: Exploring Music in a Changing World

    Kay Kaufman Shelemay

    Second Edition

    The innovative music textbook, available here as a book without audio CDs.More

  10. Book ImageSoundscapes: Exploring Music in a Changing World

    Kay Kaufman Shelemay

    Third Edition

    Listening without boundaries—Total Access to the music of the world.More

  11. Book ImageThe Story of Opera

    James Parakilas

    Four centuries of opera through the stories they tell.More

  12. Book ImageStructural Functions of Harmony

    Arnold Schoenberg

    Revised Edition

    This book is Schoenberg's last completed theoretical work and represents his final thoughts on the subject of classical and romantic harmony.More

  13. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History

    Leo Treitler, W. Oliver Strunk

    Revised Edition

    The definitive collection of great writings on music from ancient Greece through the twentieth century.More

  14. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: Greek Views of Music

    Leo Treitler, Thomas J. Mathiesen

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 1

    How did the ancient Greeks regard music? In many different ways, as the readings in Greek Views of Music reveal.More

  15. Book ImageStrunk's Source Readings in Music History: The Baroque Era

    Leo Treitler, Margaret Murata

    Revised Edition / Volume(s): 4

    Though traditionally labeled "Baroque," the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries in music could as easily be termed "early modern," since many of the genres that are popular today—were established during that time.More

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