Architecture & Design

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  1. Book ImageComplete Studio Tips

    Bill Gray, Paul Shaw

    A treasury of practical solutions for graphic arts problems, Complete Studio Tips offers hundreds of easy, clever suggestions for the commonplace problems encountered by amateur and professional artists, graphic designers, desktop publishers, calligraphers, hobbyists, and others who work with illustration, layout, lettering, and print.More

  2. Book ImageTextiles: A Handbook for Designers

    Marypaul Yates

    Revised Edition

    Practical information usually gained only through years of work experience and word of mouth is presented in this handbook for textile designers, students, interior designers and others who use textiles in their work.More

  3. Book ImageTypographers on Type

    Ruari McLean

    This anthology of key writing about the typographic arts has been assembled by Ruari McLean, himself a designer and a leading writer on graphic design subjects.More

  4. Book ImageIdentifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, 1600-1945

    John J. G. Blumenson

    What styles of architecture are found in your neighborhood--Georgian, Prairie, International, Spanish, Colonial Revival?

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