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Introduction to Chemistry

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  1. Book ImageChemConnections: How Could Life Have Arisen on Earth?

    Jason Dworkin, Paul G. Jasien, Matthew Levy, Et Al.

    Major events in the origin and evolution of life are examined from a chemical perspective, including the formation of the solar system, the first reproducing molecules, the evolution of metabolism, and the search for extraterrestrial life.More

  2. Book ImageChemConnections: How Do We Get from Bonds to Bags, Bottles, and Backpacks?

    Sharon Anthony, Karen Harding

    This module is designed to help students learn about chemical bonding, polarity, intermolecular forces, and the impact of chemical structure on the properties of materials by focusing on polymers.More

  3. Book ImageChemConnections: Soil Equilibria: What Happens to Acid Rain?

    Sharon Anthony, Michael Beug, Roxanne Hulet, Et Al.

    This module, for use in an analytical chemistry course, considers the consequences when soil equilibria are stressed through the addition of combustion-generated sulfur and nitrogen oxides to the environment.More

  4. Book ImagePrinciples of Chemistry

    Michael Munowitz

    "Can Munowitz write or what!" exclaimed one advance reviewer of this extraordinary new text.More

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