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Stanley Plumly

Stanley Plumly has authored ten books of poetry and four works of nonfiction, including Elegy Landscapes, Posthumous Keats, and The Immortal Evening. Winner of the Truman Capote Award and the Paterson Poetry Prize, among others, Plumly teaches at the University of Maryland and lives in Frederick, Maryland.


Books by Stanley Plumly

  1. Book CoverAgainst Sunset: Poems

    A powerful new volume from the National Book Award finalist that demonstrates how the lyric is essentially elegiac.More

  2. Book CoverElegy Landscapes: Constable and Turner and the Intimate Sublime

    A sweeping look at the lives and work of two important English Romantic painters, from a Los Angeles Times Book Prize–winning author.More

  3. Book CoverThe Immortal Evening: A Legendary Dinner with Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb

    A window onto the lives of the Romantic poets through the re-creation of one legendary night in 1817.More

  4. Book CoverOld Heart: Poems

    Stanley Plumly's masterful eighth collection--wherein he confronts and celebrates mortality--was a finalist for the National Book Award in Poetry.More

  5. Book CoverOrphan Hours: Poems

    A luminous new volume from a National Book Award finalist and recipient of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.More

  6. Book CoverPosthumous Keats: A Personal Biography

    A Los Angeles Times Favorite Book and a Washington Post Best of 2008: “A book worthy of Keats—full of feeling and drama and those fleeting moments we call genius.”—Ted Genoways, Washington Post Book WorldMore