John Maxtone-Graham

John Maxtone-Graham (1929–2015) wrote many books on trans-Atlantic ocean travel, among them Titanic Tragedy: A New Look at the Lost Liner, Normandie: France's Legendary Art Deco Ocean Liner, and The Only Way to Cross, which has been in print for almost forty years.

Books by John Maxtone-Graham

  1. Book CoverFrance/Norway: France's Last Liner/Norway's First Mega Cruise Ship

    The dean of ocean-liner historians brings to life one of the last transatlantic liners: the legendary France, later renamed Norway.More

  2. Book CoverNormandie: France's Legendary Art Deco Ocean Liner

    A magnificent tribute to the illustrious and ill-fated steamship.More

  3. Book CoverSS United States: Red, White, and Blue Riband, Forever

    Maxtone-Graham has yet again produced a profusely illustrated tribute, this one to America's most famous and historic liner.More

  4. Book CoverTitanic Tragedy: A New Look at the Lost Liner

    “Maxtone-Graham’s take on the Titanic will be catnip to the ship’s dedicated buffs.”—Publishers WeeklyMore