Adam Frank

Adam Frank is a physicist, astronomer, and writer. His research focuses on computational astrophysics with an emphasis on star formation and late stages of stellar evolution. His popular writing has focused on issues of science it its cultural context including issues of science and religion and the role of technology in the human experience of time. He is a co-founder of National Public Radio’s 13.7 Cosmos and Culture Blog. Learn more about Adam at

Books by Adam Frank

  1. Book CoverAstronomy: At Play in the Cosmos

    A textbook that is not written like a textbook.More

  2. Book CoverAt Play in the Cosmos: The Videogame

    At Play in the Cosmos is a first-of-its-kind resource in astronomy education. Jeff Bary (Colgate University) and Adam Frank (University of Rochester) worked with the nonprofit Learning Games Network to develop a mission-based online videogame where students can fly...More

  3. Book CoverInstructor's Edition: for Astronomy: At Play in the Cosmos, Preliminary Edition

    Additional information is forthcoming.

  4. Book CoverLight of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth

    Additional information is forthcoming.